Positive Feedback!

Responses from a Heartwood pruning course hosted in 2018:

"My husband and I loved this course. I had taken two or three other pruning courses in the past and left feeling a bit mystified. By the time I got to my trees I remember thinking, "I don't really know what I am doing". 

Not so after this course!  I came home and pruned my apple and pear trees feeling like I understood what each cut would do, what to leave and what to plan for in the future.  Amazing!!

What was so different? Well, Katie and Matt gave fantastic, clear explanations, using their lovely orchard examples. And kept it simple. They showed all the tools they liked and then took us over to their dwarf trees and talked us through how to prune them and why. Once we understood that, we could apply the same principles to the branches of our larger trees. Their heritage, (read big) trees, were easier to understand after that and they showed us how to do them too. There was an option to learn about grafting which I didn't take but should have.

Katie and Matt are generous with their time and impressive knowledge, practical and complement each other really well as excellent teachers. This workshop gets a five star rating and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about pruning both for beauty and fruit production." ---Pender Island Basics of Pruning class participant 2018

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