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Branding Your Business

Dougal Muir is Creative Director at Muir & Associates and Brand Communication Design Instructor at VFS Digital Design Program. Whether you sell your goods online or hang out a shingle, branding your business will help your business grow and appear more professional.

In Part 1 of this class, Dougal will start with a brief introduction to branding, where it came from and how it developed over the years.

Part 2 will look into examples of excellent brands that have thrived in small communities by building trust and communicating core values - we may look at local brands that are familiar to us such as Island Farms or Phillips Brewing for example.

Part 3 will focus on some of the brand identities that Dougal has worked on for very local clients such as Ptarmigan Arts, Magic Lake records and Studio B Hair Art.

Earlier Event: April 21
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